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About Us

Since its foundation in 1998, SEANAM Fishing has grown into a large business trading frozen fish across the South African Region, known as SADC.  
With sound quality, logistics and customer service, we strive to continuously meet our customer's demands. Click here to view our portfolio.

We also have a fishmeal plant, for the production of quality fishmeal, used mostly as an animal feed.

We are passionate when it comes to Social Responsibility and are committed in playing an active role in uplifting our community by various sponsorship's and creating job opportunities where possible.



SEANAM Fishing (Previously called Namibia Fishmeal Processors), was founded in 1998 by two brothers, Paulo and Luis.  

As the business grew, each brother started their own venture between South Africa and Namibia, still working closely together in the fishing industry, with Sergio Figueiredo joining the forces in 2004.  He took over the fishmeal department and built it up strength to strength, venturing into various fields within the industry to provide a stable food source in SADC.

The company has been built on longstanding relationships with customers, suppliers and employees.


Our Team

Sergio Figueiredo

Sergio Figueiredo

Position: Managing Director

After many years of running a successful business in electronics, Sergio sold his business to assist his brothers in the growing fishing industry. Sergio has been hands on ever since starting in 2007 and is passionate when it comes to running his business efficiently.

Carlos Figueiredo

Carlos Figueiredo

Position: Manager

The youngest of the four Figueiredo brothers, Carlos joined the family business in 2006. He operates the fishmeal sales and marketing of the company.

Cornelius Erasmus

Cornelius Erasmus

Position: Sales Manager

Cornelius has been working with us since 2012 and has been a crucial asset to our company. His professionalism and enthusiasm helps sell our products.